Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Change the outcome...

Are you steaming?  Are you furious about the Gulf Oil spill?  Good.  Now you can do something about it.  If you can't be there to clean up the Gulf, you can change how you view the spill though the power of your mind.  By viewing the resolution of this disaster and not focusing on the anger and the blame, you send a positive message into the Aether that will activate higher energies into the earth plane.  Maybe someone will receive a transmission from the Aether that can effortlessly clean the spill quickly.  Maybe it's a naturally occurring enzyme that will eat the oil and have zero impact on the environment.  Who knows?  The Gulf can be pristine again, but it would happen much more quickly if we focused our mass consciousness on the goal by envisioning this scenario and sending our feelings along with it into the Universal Mind and seeing a quick and full recovery for the Gulf of Mexico.  While we're at it we should also ask Mother Nature, our one and only provider of life to forgive us for the plundering of her resources.  Your mind is a powerful vehicle for the transmission of ideas, and has the ability to effect outcomes.  Send love to all who are working on it.  As you go through the day be aware of your thoughts and feelings... and make the decision to send positive thoughts, images and feelings toward the outcomes that you wish to see.  And if you drive around town in an SUV and you want to have an immediate impact on the environment,  instead of supporting the oil companies next time you can fill up your tank with a little H2O....   GAS4$FREE

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